20 Questions For God After Loss

20 Questions For God After Loss

Here’s the thing… God already knows our thoughts, right? He created us and sustains us. I don’t know why I fall into the trap of thinking God can’t handle the hard hitting questions. He delights when His children seek Him. When you can’t feel God’s presence, don’t just accept it. Ask God… Where are You in this?

Be real, raw, and honest. He can handle it, I promise! And then sit in the awkward silence and listen with your whole heart. There will always be questions swarming in our hearts after tragedy and loss impact our lives here on earth, but we can have a confident hope that Jesus will one day restore all things.

Now, grab yo bible and discover what God thinks when He hears you crying out to Him, the creator and sustainer. I hope these verses revive your hearts like they have impacted mine.

So so much love,


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