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Books on Baby Loss

books on pregnancy loss


These books have made a tremendous impact on my life after the days, weeks, and years following the loss of our first pregnancy. I get teary thinking about how there didn’t used to be this many accessible resources in this baby loss community, and I am just blown away by the beautiful authors that have poured out their hearts on these pages to make each of us feel less alone in our journey.

In our miscarriage care packages, we include a little resource guide with a list of songs and book recommendations. These are some of my all-time-favorites to come back to and read often. There’s something so encouraging to read someone’s story and see evidence of God unfolding beauty out of ashes.

Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss
by Adriel Booker

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Grace Like Scarlett book

Held: 31 Biblical Reflections on God's Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage
by Abbey Wedgeworth

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Held Miscarriage Book

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy
by Angie Smith

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I will carry you book

Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss
by Rachel Lewis

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Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss book

Sunlight in December: A Mother’s Story of Finding the Goodness of God in the Storm of Grief
by Kristin Hernandez

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Sunlight in December book

Holding On to Hope: A Pathway through Suffering to the Heart of God
by Nancy Guthrie

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Holding On To Hope Book

Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child after Pregnancy Loss – A Devotional Book on How to Cope, Mourn and Heal after Losing a Baby
by Sarah Philpott

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Loved Baby Book

Grieving the Child I Never Knew: A Devotional for Comfort in the Loss of Your Unborn or Newly Born Child
by Kathe Wunnenberg

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Grieving the Child I never Knew book

Surviving Sorrow: A Mother's Guide to Living with Loss
by Kim Erickson

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Surviving Sorrow book

I Had A Miscarriage: A memoir, A movement
by Jessica Zucker

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I had a miscarriage memoir book

The Baby Loss Guide: Practical and compassionate support with a day-by-day resource to navigate the path of grief
by Zoe Clark-Coates

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Baby loss guide book

At a Loss: Finding Your Way After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death
by Donna Rothert

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At a loss book

The Miscarriage Map: What To Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting
by Dr. Sunita Osborn and Catherine Knepper

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The miscarriage map book

It’s OK You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand
by Megan Devine

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Its ok that youre not ok book

What Was Lost: A Christian Journey through Miscarriage
by Elise Erikson Barrett

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What was lost miscarriage book

Holding on to Love After You've Lost a Baby: The 5 Love Languages® for Grieving Parents
by Gary Chapman

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holding onto love after loss book

Bright Hope: 28 Daily Devotions for Grief in Light of the Gospel
by Erin Cushman

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Bright Hope book

Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb
by Jessalyn Hutto

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inheritance of tears book

Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow
By Nancy Guthrie

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hearing Jesus speak into your sorrow book

Surviving the Loss of a Child: Support for Grieving Parents
By Elizabeth B. Brown

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surviving the loss of a child book

Even Broken Can Be Beautiful: A Story of Life, Loss, and the Hope of Heaven By Sarah Rieke

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even broken can be beautiful book

Facets Of Grief: A creative workbook for grieving mothers
By Franchesca Cox

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facets of grief book