Intentional and faith-based gifts for grieving and joyful hearts.

About Due To Joy

Due To Joy is a small Christian-based company that provides care packages for the women and men grieving the loss of a baby and gifts for those celebrating the birth of rainbow babies. Our mission is to provide comfort and support to those in mourning, and to remind them that they are not alone in their grief.

Our intentionally crafted and curated care packages contain a variety of items such as books, journals, comforting messages, and Christian scripture that are meant to provide comfort and support. Our goal is to provide an emotional outlet for those dealing with such a difficult time in life, and to bring peace and healing to those who have experienced such a tragedy.

We are dedicated to offering a safe and secure environment for those who are grieving, and to provide them with the necessary resources to heal. We understand that while this is not an easy journey, it is one that can be taken with faith, love, and understanding.

We are here to make sure that no one has to go through this journey alone, and that everyone can find peace and strength in their own unique way. If you’re looking for love and support, you have come to the right place.

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How Due To Joy Started

Initially, Due To Joy started as a blog in 2017 to encourage others as they walk through the grief and sorrow of pregnancy and infant loss.

We lost a baby to miscarriage in 2016 and blogging and crafting became a therapeutic outlet. Fast forward a couple of years later and we got pregnant with our rainbow baby, a term used for children born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.

We acknowledge that this can be an incredibly difficult time for parents, and we want to provide them with meaningful gifts to commemorate their precious little ones. We believe that every baby should be celebrated, and we strive to make sure that parents of loss and parents of rainbow babies feel seen and honored.