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Books on Pregnancy and Infant Loss

These books have made a tremendous impact on my life after the days, weeks, and years following the loss of our first pregnancy. I get teary thinking about how there didn’t used to be this many accessible resources in this baby loss community, and I am just blown away by the beautiful authors that have poured out their hearts on these pages to make each of us feel less alone in our journey.

In our miscarriage care packages, we include a little resource guide with a list of songs and book recommendations. These are some of my all-time-favorites to come back to and read often. There’s something so encouraging to read someone’s story and see evidence of God unfolding beauty out of ashes.

Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss

by Adriel Booker

Grace Like Scarlett will help you:

  • Better understand your grief and find language to help you talk about your experiences with others.
  • Examine the complexities of abstract or disenfranchised grief and the social or religious pressures that can contribute toward a short-circuited grieving process.
  • Dignify your grief experience and support you in your journey toward healing.
  • Examine grief, pain, and suffering from a Christian perspective by exploring biblical texts, the life of Jesus, and other figures from the Old and New Testaments.
  • Help you examine your faith and doubt in the aftermath of your grief, and provide you a safe space to ask hard questions.
  • Help you find ways to honor and remember your baby's life.
  • Leave you with practical resources to support healthy relationships with your spouse, children, friends, and church community in the wake of your loss.

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Grace Like Scarlett book

Held: 31 Biblical Reflections on God's Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage

by Abbey Wedgeworth

Using Psalm 139, Abbey Wedgeworth walks alongside women suffering the heartbreak of miscarriage. Having experienced the sorrow of miscarriage herself, she acknowledges the isolation commonly felt and the impact that such an experience can have on faith.

The 31 biblical reflections in this beautiful and comforting book remind grieving women that God sees them, knows them, loves them, and is actively caring for them. These precious verses will show women that God can bring comfort, assurance, protection, and purpose in the very sorrow that they are experiencing.

Includes personal stories of pregnancy loss from others, including Courtney Reissig, Kristie Anyabwile, and Eric Schumacher encouraging sufferers that they are not alone. It is a very helpful book to give to women who are suffering in this way.

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Held Miscarriage Book

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy

by Angie Smith

In 2008, Angie Smith and her husband Todd (lead singer of the group Selah) learned through ultrasound that their fourth daughter had conditions making her “incompatible with life.” Advised to terminate the pregnancy, the Smiths chose instead to carry this child and allow room for a miracle. That miracle came the day they met Audrey Caroline and got the chance to love her for the precious two-and-a-half hours she lived on earth.

Upon receiving the original diagnosis, Angie started a blog (Bring the Rain) to keep family and friends informed of their journey. Soon, the site exploded in popularity, connecting with thousands who were either experiencing their own heartbreaking situations or simply curious about how God could carry someone through something so tragic. I Will Carry You tells the powerful story of a parent losing her child, interwoven with the biblical story of Lazarus to help those who mourn to still have hope—to find grace and peace in the sacred dance of grief and joy.

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I will carry you book

Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss

by Rachel Lewis

When your baby dies, you find yourself in a life you never expected. And even though pregnancy and infant loss are common, they're not common to you. Instead, you feel like a stranger in your own body, surrounded by well-meaning people who often don't know how to support you.

What you need during this time is not a book offering easy answers. You need a safe place to help you navigate what comes next, such as:

  • Coping with a postpartum body without a baby in your arms.
  • Facing social isolation and grief invalidation.
  • Wrestling with faith when you feel let down by God.
  • Dealing with the overwhelming process of making everyday decisions.
  • Learning to move forward after loss.
  • Creating a legacy for your child.

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Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss book

Sunlight in December: A Mother’s Story of Finding the Goodness of God in the Storm of Grief

by Kristin Hernandez

If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?
If God is good, why did my babies die?
Kristin Hernandez found herself asking these questions countless times as she walked through the bitter storm of grief and loss. After years of unexplained infertility, Kristin and her husband, Chris, were thrilled to be pregnant with their first child. Their elation turned to concern when a routine anatomy scan revealed their miracle child would be born with a terminal condition. In the wake of their newborn son’s death, Kristin began to wrestle with God’s goodness and the purpose of suffering. As she and her husband walked through the loss of four more babies, Kristin discovered the unshakeable truth we can cling to when physical storms linger and all seems hopeless.
In Sunlight in December, Kristin shares the raw emotions that come with grief and invites readers to journey with her as she wrestles with God and discovers His goodness in unexpected places. This powerful memoir dives head first into difficult topics such as death, doubt, and seemingly unanswered prayer, all while leaving the reader with encouragement and hope.

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Sunlight in December book

Holding On to Hope: A Pathway through Suffering to the Heart of God

by Nancy Guthrie

We can never plan for the unexpected turns of this life that sometimes lead to great personal suffering. Sometimes that suffering can overshadow everything and threaten to pull us under. Nancy Guthrie knows what it is to be plunged into life’s abyss. Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with the biblical story of Job, she takes you by the hand and guides you on a pathway through pain—straight to the heart of God. Holding On to Hope offers an uplifting perspective, not only for those experiencing monumental loss, but for anyone going through difficulty and failure. (Includes an 8-week study on the book of Job for readers who want to dig deeper into what the Bible says about dealing with suffering and grief.)

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Holding On To Hope Book

Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child after Pregnancy Loss – A Devotional Book on How to Cope, Mourn and Heal after Losing a Baby

by Sarah Philpott

Close to one in four American women experience the silent grief of pregnancy loss. Loved Baby offers much-needed support to women in the middle of psychological and physiological grief as a result of losing an unborn child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or ectopic pregnancy loss.

In Loved Baby , author Sarah Philpott gently walks alongside women as they experience the misguided shame, isolation, and crushing despair that accompany the turmoil of loss. With brave vulnerability Sarah shares her own story of loss and the stories of others, offering Christ-filled hope and support to women navigating grief.

This fresh and compassionate devotional offers:

  • Real talk about loss
  • Christ-filled comfort
  • Tips to manage social media, reconnect with your partner, and nourish your soul
  • Knowledge that your child is in heaven
  • Strategies to walk through grief
  • Ways to memorialize your loss

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Loved Baby Book

Grieving the Child I Never Knew: A Devotional for Comfort in the Loss of Your Unborn or Newly Born Child

by Kathe Wunnenberg

When the anticipation of your child's birth turns into the grief of miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death, no words can ease your loss. But there is strength and encouragement in the wisdom of others who have been there and found that God's comfort is real. Grieving the Child I Never Knew is a warm, encouraging, and truly helpful devotional for anyone experiencing the terrible loss of a baby.

Author Kathe Wunnenberg knows the deep anguish of losing a child, having experienced three miscarriages and the death of an infant son. Grieving the Child I Never Knew is a 31-day devotional to help mothers:

  • Grieve honestly and well
  • Process gentle questions and insights from others
  • Cultivate a healing journey that works for them

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Grieving the Child I never Knew book

Surviving Sorrow: A Mother's Guide to Living with Loss

by Kim Erickson

When Kim’s three-year-old son tragically passed away, she found plenty of resources on grieving. She says what she really needed, though, "was someone who would give me advice for living, not just grieving . . . How do I get through the grocery store without crying? What do I do with my son’s things? When will my mind stop replaying the emergency room scene?"

Now, ten years later, she’s written that book. With raw vulnerability, a deep well of wisdom, and the practical knowledge of someone who’s been there, she walks grieving moms through the life-after-death process from how to plan the funeral to how to deal with friends, family, holidays, and birthdays.

This is a profound and powerful resource that’s invaluable for the mom who has lost a child—and for her friends and family who want to love her well.

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Surviving Sorrow book

I Had A Miscarriage: A memoir, A movement

by Jessica Zucker

Sixteen weeks into her second pregnancy, psychologist Jessica Zucker miscarried at home, alone. Suddenly, her career, spent specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health, was rendered corporeal, no longer just theoretical. She now had a changed perspective on her life’s work, her patients’ pain, and the crucial need for a zeitgeist shift. Navigating this nascent transition amid her own grief became a catalyst for Jessica to bring voice to this ubiquitous experience. She embarked on a mission to upend the strident trifecta of silence, shame, and stigma that surrounds reproductive loss—and the result is her striking memoir meets manifesto.

Drawing from her psychological expertise and her work as the creator of the #IHadaMiscarriage campaign, I Had a Miscarriage is a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and validating book about navigating these liminal spaces and the vitality of truth telling—an urgent reminder of the power of speaking openly and unapologetically about the complexities of our lives.

Jessica Zucker weaves her own experience and other women's stories into a compassionate and compelling exploration of grief as a necessary, nuanced personal and communal process. She inspires her readers to speak their truth and, in turn, to ignite transformative change within themselves and in our culture.

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I had a miscarriage memoir book

The Baby Loss Guide: Practical and compassionate support with a day-by-day resource to navigate the path of grief

by Zoe Clark-Coates

Written by one of the world's leading baby loss support experts, The Baby Loss Guide is designed to help you navigate this complex issue. Whether you have personally encountered loss, or are supporting people through this harrowing time, this book provides practical and compassionate advice.

Zoe and her husband Andy have personally faced the loss of five babies. Out of their experiences came the charity The Mariposa Trust (more often known by its primary division Saying Goodbye), offering support to thousands of grieving parents and relatives around the world each week. In her first bestselling book Saying Goodbye Zoe wrote a moving account of their experiences and how they found a way through loss.

In The Baby Loss Guide Zoe provides a supportive and practical guide to walk people through their darkest days of suffering and gives them hope for the future. The first half of the book answers the many questions those who encounter loss ask themselves and others, and until now have resulted in people spending hours exploring the internet to gain answers and insight. It is interlaced with personal stories from both men and women who have been there, and tackles the many myths, taboos and assumptions around loss. It also provides clear guidance and advice on how to navigate life following your world imploding, such as: How do I return to work? How do I know if or when I should try again for more children? How do I communicate with my partner about loss?

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Baby loss guide book

At a Loss: Finding Your Way After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death

by Donna Rothert

If you’ve experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, termination of pregnancy due to health risk or abnormality, or death in the first year of your baby’s life, you’re not alone. Life after these losses can be heartbreaking, confusing, and lonely. Family, friends, and medical professionals may minimize your loss or say “You can always try again.” Written by a psychologist who experienced two pregnancy losses herself, At a Loss offers thirty essays on the thoughts, feelings, and struggles that come along with losing a pregnancy or baby. Whether you are early in a crisis of grief or exploring the loss years afterward, you will find self-compassion, healing, and new ways to make meaning of your loss.

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At a loss book

The Miscarriage Map: What To Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting

by Dr. Sunita Osborn and Catherine Knepper

Miscarriage: It can devastate an individual, a couple, and family to their very core. And yet, this painfully common human experience is so rarely talked about. How do we continue functioning? How do we tell our partner what we need? How do we deal with emotional dumpster fire that is the aftermath of a miscarriage? How do we not kill the fifth person who tells us “You can always have another baby.”

With unflinching honesty and fearless humor, psychologist Dr. Sunita Osborn addresses the relevant but often unspoken topics following a miscarriage including the impact of miscarriage on a relationship, hating pregnant people and all things baby after miscarriage, your relationship with your body after miscarriage, and how to move forward (not past).

Informed by her clinical expertise and her own personal experience with miscarriage, the Miscarriage Map offers women, their partners, and loved ones with the nitty gritty realities of a miscarriage, the accompanying emotional roller coaster, and specific steps to take to help them get through this loss.

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The miscarriage map book

It’s OK You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand

by Megan Devine

In It’s OK That You’re Not OK, Megan Devine offers a profound new approach to both the experience of grief and the way we try to help others who have endured tragedy. Having experienced grief from both sides―as both a therapist and as a woman who witnessed the accidental drowning of her beloved partner―Megan writes with deep insight about the unspoken truths of loss, love, and healing. She debunks the culturally prescribed goal of returning to a normal, "happy" life, replacing it with a far healthier middle path, one that invites us to build a life alongside grief rather than seeking to overcome it. In this compelling and heartful book, you’ll learn:

  • Why well-meaning advice, therapy, and spiritual wisdom so often end up making it harder for people in grief
  • How challenging the myths of grief―doing away with stages, timetables, and unrealistic ideals about how grief should unfold―allows us to accept grief as a mystery to be honored instead of a problem to solve
  • Practical guidance for managing stress, improving sleep, and decreasing anxiety without trying to "fix" your pain
  • How to help the people you love―with essays to teach us the best skills, checklists, and suggestions for supporting and comforting others through the grieving process

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Its ok that youre not ok book

What Was Lost: A Christian Journey through Miscarriage

by Elise Erikson Barrett

United Methodist pastor Elise Erikson Barrett draws on her own painful experiences, as well as on interviews with others who have gone through the devastation of miscarriage, in an effort to help women grieve and, in time, to think theologically about pregnancy loss. Barrett also offers some much-needed practical advice about breaking the news to others, coping with insensitive comments, and grieving what is often a private loss, unmarked by the world.

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What was lost miscarriage book

Holding on to Love After You've Lost a Baby: The 5 Love Languages® for Grieving Parents

by Gary Chapman

Losing a child is among the most tragic experiences one can face. The crushing grief puts immense strain on the marriage, family relationships, and friendships that few can understand. That’s why this book was written. In it Candy McVicar, a grieving mom who leads a ministry for grieving parents, and Dr. Gary Chapman, relationship expert and author of The 5 Love Languages®, team up to help couples who are facing the unimaginable.

They’ll teach you how to:

  • Cope with the complex feelings that come with the grief process
  • Understand your spouse’s unique grieving needs and support him/her
  • Use the five love languages through grief

There is nothing that can make the pain of losing a child go away, but healing is possible with intentional hearts and the right resources.

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holding onto love after loss book

Bright Hope: 28 Daily Devotions for Grief in Light of the Gospel

by Erin Cushman

Bright Hope: 28 Daily Devotions for Grief in Light of the Gospel is written to give hope and encouragement to those in mourning. Centered around Biblical truth, drawing on historical expressions of faith through hymns and poetry, and infused with personal experiences, Bright Hope is for anyone journeying through the lonely shadows caused by gief and toward the light of the gospel of Jesus.

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Bright Hope book

Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb

by Jessalyn Hutto

In this short book, Hutto seeks to deal honestly and sensitively with the issue of miscarriage and reveal how it relates to the Word of God. She does so by answering questions like:

  • Why do babies have to die in the womb?
  • Do miscarriages take God by surprise?
  • Does God care about your pain?
  • How can any good come from something so terrible?
  • How can I find joy in the midst of such intense sorrow?

By providing a biblical context for miscarriage, she beckons mourning mothers and fathers to walk triumphantly through the valley of the shadow of death by fixing their eyes upon their loving Savior, who will one day do away with death and sorrow forever.

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inheritance of tears book

Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow

By Nancy Guthrie

In this paradigm-shifting book, Nancy Guthrie gently invites readers to lean in along with her to hear Jesus speak understanding and insight into the lingering questions we all have about the hurts of life: What was God’s involvement in this, and why did he let it happen? Why hasn’t God answered my prayers for a miracle? Can I expect God to protect me? Does God even care? According to Nancy, this questioning is not a bad thing at all but instead an opportunity. It’s a chance to hear with fresh ears the truth in the promises of the gospel we may have misapplied. It lets us retune our souls to the purposes of God we may have misunderstood.

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hearing Jesus speak into your sorrow book

Surviving the Loss of a Child: Support for Grieving Parents

By Elizabeth B. Brown

Nothing can steal peace and joy and undermine the very foundation of someone's life like losing a child. It is devastating on a level that most of us can't imagine. Written after the loss of the author's own child, Surviving the Loss of a Child offers encouragement and hope to those who may think they will never be able to live fully after such tragedy. Bereaved parents, as well as friends, counselors, pastors, and caregivers, will find this book a source of comfort and discover coping mechanisms as they move through their grief. Revised and updated, it has short chapters that are easy to take in, perfect for people going through this difficult time.

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surviving the loss of a child book

Even Broken Can Be Beautiful: A Story of Life, Loss, and the Hope of Heaven

By Sarah Rieke

Even Broken Can Be Beautiful is the story of the author's own personal journey to find purpose in the most difficult, confusing, heart-breaking moments of life. It is the story of learning to lean hard on the God who can bring good from even the most despairing situations, an honest story of deep pain redeemed by the beauty of the cross of Christ. In this book, you, too, will uncover the sacred truth that because of Christ, even our most deeply broken places can be made beautiful.

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even broken can be beautiful book

Facets Of Grief:A creative workbook for grieving mothers

By Franchesca Cox

A creative workbook to guide grieving mothers through grief, loss and healing

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facets of grief book