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Finding Hope and Connection: Resources for Grieving Moms from Loss Organizations, Ministries, and Non-Profits

Navigating the challenging journey of pregnancy and infant loss can be incredibly tough, especially for grieving moms who often feel alone in their grief.

But here's some good news: there are incredible, caring communities and resources out there to help make this journey a little easier.

We've compiled a comprehensive list of resources dedicated to providing comfort, community, and compassion.From online communities and support groups to nonprofit organizations and ministries, these valuable resources offer a lifeline of understanding, healing, and hope.

They're here to offer understanding, friendship, and a sense of hope for moms who've experienced miscarriages, stillbirths, or infant loss.

Take a look at these wonderful initiatives, each with a special mission to help moms not just survive, but find joy and connection amidst their grief.

Loss Organizations, Ministries, and Non-Profits

The Morning


If you are a woman who has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, this community is for you. Join other women who have experienced a similar loss. Women who can identify with the grief you are experiencing and can offer tangible help and honest hope. We offer support through our online community, digital resources,  podcast, and blog posts.

The Joyful Mourning Community is a space to be not-alone any more, a space to feel known and understood. A space to ask questions from women who have gone through a similar loss. A space to find hope again.

Gathering Hope

Instagram: @gathering_hope 

Gathering Hope is a collection of people who have been touched by pregnancy and/or infant loss and are committed to connecting families to the available resources, communities and support structures to help bring about healing and comfort. 

We believe that Christ gifts us with the presence of one another as a source of hope and comfort on this side of heaven. Our annual gatherings serve as a catalyst for moms to begin forming relationships, our private Facebook groups help women support each other online, and our resources include counselors or other support organizations, all compiled to help in navigating this journey.

We’ve seen the power of community and how it makes a difference. Remembering our children together lifts the burden of carrying grief alone and our hope in Jesus gives us the strength to not just survive, but thrive. Together.  

Evermore Blooms

Instagram: @evermoreblooms 

Evermore Blooms sends flowers nation wide to mothers who have experienced miscarriage. We seek to provide unwavering care for women who have experienced the loss of a baby prior to 20 weeks of gestation.

By gifting flowers, as well as creating a community of support, our hope is to help grieving mothers feel seen and assured their babies are remembered and loved.

Selah’s Heart

Instagram: @selahs_heart 

Selah’s Heart is a nonprofit providing resources to bereaved mothers and their family and friends by helping them navigate loss and honor the life of their baby.

Selah’s heart does this by providing hospital boxes, one-to-one grief support for moms, and grief coaching for the loved ones of the bereaved.

Always In My Heart Charity

Instagram: @alwaysinmyheart_charity

Always In My Heart’s mission is to connect people through shared stories, offering a compassionate space for those who have experienced the loss of a baby, whether through miscarriage or other circumstances, to be heard and supported.

They aim to provide essential resources to help individuals navigate the difficult terrain of loss. Through community events focused on miscarriage support, they foster a sense of belonging and understanding among those who have walked this path, reminding them they are not alone in their grief.

Hope Mommies

Instagram: @hopemommies 

Hope Mommies exists to bring the Hope of Christ to bereaved mothers and families experiencing infant loss.

Hope Mommies mission is to help every family who experiences infant loss find community, grief resources and ultimately the Hope of Christ which is our unfailing anchor.

Mera's Mission

Instagram: @merasmission

Mera's Mission strives to create a sense of community support and connection for those who have experienced pregnancy and early childhood loss.

Mera's Mission offers bimonthly virtual support group sessions, remembrance and awareness projects, hosts a Wave of Light remembrance walk, and much much more! No baby is forgotten and no parent should feel alone after loss!

Held in Hope


Held in Hope is a nonprofit company that creates and distributes miscarriage boxes to equip and support women through their pregnancy loss.

Cradling Memories - The Milo James Coe Foundation

Instagram: @cradlingmemories

Cradling Memories - The Milo James Coe Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing families anticipating a limited life or currently experiencing a loss with the resources to make a lifetime of memories.

Held Your Whole Life

Instagram: @heldyourwholelife 

"We exist to create personalized memorial jewelry for moms and dads who have lost a baby in the womb. This is a place for bereaved families who have experienced the loss of their baby(s) in-utero, whether through miscarriage or still birth. These precious lives never had to experience suffering or sorrow, only love. It is such an inspiring gift to our babies to have held them their whole lives.

So many of us understand the immense pain and anguish of giving birth in silence and having our babies torn from our lives. We are left with broken hearts, emptiness, and shattered dreams. We want to give recognition to the babies born in silence when they are often not acknowledged because they did not take a breath. We hope that by gifting a keepsake necklace or keychain with these beautiful words, you will know that your child counted.

We hope that you will find comfort and healing through those of us who have survived, and share your baby’s beautiful story so that we may remember them."
~ Asher's Mama

The Cooper Project

Instagram: @thecooperproject141

The Cooper Project is an organization that makes and sells personalized items such as necklaces and mugs.  A portion of many of these sales are donated to fund a personalized necklace donation program for families who experience pregnancy and infant loss in Rochester, NY. 

The Cooper Project is also the founder of The Pink and Blue Awareness Project, a project that makes and donates bracelet for free in the month of October during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Foreknown Ministries

Instagram: @foreknownministries

When people go through a miscarriage, the pain can be overwhelming and they don't know where to turn to for support. At Foreknown Ministries, we guide them to process grief to help them find encouragement, community, and ultimately the Hope that Jesus has for their future.

The Foreknown Community is a combination of our Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Text-Message Platform, Foreknown App and Website Blog. These exist to offer continual hope-filled and inspirational messages as parents are navigating the time between loss and whenever they are ready to start a healing process.

Return To Zero: HOPE

Instagram: @rtzhope

Return to Zero: HOPE is a non-profit organization engaging a global community of bereaved parents and their health providers to improve mental health outcomes, while also advancing pregnancy and infant loss awareness, education, and support.

We are here with valuable resources and inclusive support for anyone whose life has been touched by loss, including miscarriage, termination for medical reasons (TFMR), stillbirth, infant or toddler death, loss through surrogacy, and failed adoption.