Intentional and faith-based gifts for grieving and joyful hearts.

Gift Guide For A Grieving Mom This Mother's Day

gift guide for a grieving mama

Finding ways to comfort a grieving mom can feel overwhelming. I've been on both sides of this journey – as the griever and as the person wanting to support someone grieving. I know firsthand how hard it can be and how helpless it can feel. My hope is to offer some practical ideas to make that desire easier for you to put in action.

Whether you've walked this path yourself or stand by someone who has, this gift guide is all about offering a warm hug in the form of thoughtful presents. They're not just about things; they're about showing love and care in tangible ways. So, let's dive in together, exploring gifts that speak to the heart and soul of a grieving mama, reminding her she's not alone on this journey.


Gift Guide For A Grieving Mama:  

Custom Keepsake Hand Painted Peg Doll

By My Pretty Peggy

Peg Doll For Grief

This precious little forget-me-not baby comes in a small box with a white ribbon and a Sympathy greeting card. 

Forget Me Not Seed Necklace

By Deeply Seeded

Miscarriage necklace

A simple little seed. Something so tiny that can carry with it deep meaning and emotion. A love once shared. During such a difficult time when there are no words, a thoughtful gift for someone or reminder to yourself can help bring comfort.



“A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven” Morse Code Bracelet 

morse code bracelet

The perfect gift for anyone who has lost a loved one. Though it can't replace them, this bracelet can hold a special meaning and make sure they are not forgotten. This bracelet is made using beautiful, high-quality beads. It is subtle, yet eye-catching. While you may get compliments on it, no one will know the secret message encoded on it. It's a memorial piece that you will never have to explain to anyone.


Wooden Shelf Sign- Baby Loss Keepsake

Made by TheGoodGraceco

wooden miscarriage sign

“Inspired by our son Parker who was still born at 27 weeks, this "Safe in His Arms" 3D outline acrylic is crafted with love to keep the memory of your sweet angel baby alive in your home. These make a great sentimental gift for a loved one who has experienced this awful heart break.”

*Signs are made out of birch plywood and designs are laser engraved into the wood


Forget Me Not- Stamped Metal Necklace

By Laurel Box

forget me not necklace

Wear a necklace that represents the memories. The forget-me-not flower has long been a symbol of remembrance.


Footprint Necklace

Made by Emfa Jewelry

This is such a special custom keepsake. You can choose a birthstone color, input your sweet baby’s name or nickname, and then you can even send the shop a photo of your baby’s footprints to use on the necklace or you can use theirs.


Even in Darkness: A Guided Grief Journal and Daily Devotional 
to Uncover Raw Authenticity During Grief, Loss and Depression

By Morgan Cheek

book journal for grief

Rest in the embrace of God’s love. Even in Darkness is a grief journal, created to share the light during the darkest moments of suffering. Written by a Christ follower and grieving mother, Morgan Cheek refocuses her pain and suffering using a profound knowledge of the Bible, and inspires Christians to grip onto their faith during difficult times.

Throughout her own struggles, Cheek manages to hold onto faith and is continually comforted by God’s grace. As she documents her deepest thoughts and rawest conversations with God, the feelings that she shares are real, honest and unquestionably inspiring.


Watercolor Floral Hymn Print: “No Tears In Heaven”

gift hymn watercolor print

I created this watercolor art piece as I was grieving my miscarriage. I dove into the avenue of creating things every day as it became a therapeutic way to process what I was going through in that time. This hymn is based off the passage in Revelation 21:4-5, “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”” 


Evermore Blooms Bouquet

bouquet for miscarriage

We seek to provide unwavering care to women who have experienced the loss of a baby prior to 20 weeks of gestation. By gifting flowers, as well as creating a community of support, our hope is to help grieving mothers feel seen and assured their babies are remembered and loved.


Birth Flower Remembrance Print

By Mother of Wilde

birth flower print

These miscarriage keepsakes are such a special gift idea for any parents who have had a recent pregnancy loss. This print comes with your child's birth flower month as the background photo. (Use code WILDE10 for 10% off birth prints & memorials)

Loss Lovey

loss lovey

A Loss Lovey is a comfort item to celebrate the life of the one(s) you’ve lost. If you have had the misfortune of losing a child, pregnancy, or embryo, you can personalize your lovey with our signature star tags that will represent each of their beautiful, little lives. Someday, if you hold your rainbow baby in your arms, you can pass it along to them. Their brothers and sisters will be watching over them as they sleep or while they’re on the go.

Meal Delivery Services like DoorDashor GrubHub

gift card

You honestly can't go wrong with a free meal! There is something so helpful and practical as dropping off a home-cooked meal or even having their favorite restaurant delivered straight to their door. 

Care Packages/Gift Sets:

Miscarriage Care Package

By Due To Joy

miscarriage care package

Whether you’re someone who has endured unimaginable loss, or you love someone who has, this is an intentional gift to nurture a grieving mama’s heart. This care package is a meaningful way to offer hope and encouragement while meeting a tangible need such as self-care as well as some much-needed soul-care.

 care package

Gift Set For Bereaved Mother's Day

By Due To Joy

self care gift for miscarriage mothers day

This care package includes aPetite Dried Bouquet, "Cup of Love" Nurturing Rose Herbal Tea, Pure Honey Mini Jar with wooden honey dipper stick, Cozy Socks with embroidered gold heart, Poppy & Pout Pomegranate Peach lip balm, and a Bath Salt Tube.We put together all of our favorite self-care essentials for the sweetest gift set for the special gal in your life. Whether it's a gift for your mother, a gift for a friend, or a way to send some love from afar, this care package is sure to be the sunshine to brighten their day!


Sympathy Gift Set

Made by Rainy Day Boxes

rainy day boxes miscarriage gift

This sympathy gift box is carefully curated to contain six (6) thoughtful and beautiful individually packaged items that reflect the sentimental nature of your condolence gift. Each item is meant to be opened over time, on your friend's timeline, on her most difficult days. Upon opening one of the six items, your friend will read the corresponding message that acknowledges her struggle, but also conveys strong and inspiring words of hope and love. It is so hard to know what to say when a friend experiences loss. Rainy Day Boxes says it for you.


Wonderfully Made Gift Box-

By Lullaby of Hope

gift set for miscarriage

Curated for women who are journeying loss in the womb by women who have journeyed a similar path.

Our gift was designed with meaningful and comforting items that helped us on our journey. It is intended to equip your loved one throughout the year and point her to Christ.

Angel Baby Keepsake Box

By LittleDarlingOfMine

gift set for baby loss

These boxes are for pregnancy & infant loss. They are completely customizable, and each keepsake is handmade with love to honor and remember your little one in Heaven.

Gift set includes:

-Soft, hand crocheted bear

-Delicate heart necklace

-100% soy wax candle

-Handcrafted clay Christmas ornament personalized with your baby’s name and/or date. It comes in a color scheme of neutral, blue, or pink.



I hope this list has been helpful to you as you walk through grief or walk with a loved one who is grieving. You are not alone!

Stay tuned for more blog posts soon on practical tips to support a loved one who is grieving!